Picture of Margaret Cowhey Cagney Burns

Margaret Cowhey Cagney Burns

My great-grandmother Margaret Cowhey was born in January 1832 in Ballingarry, Ireland. She and her brothers and sisters Bridget Cowhey, Kate Cowhey, John Cowhey, and Jimmy Cowhey came to the United States in 1853 to escape the great Irish Famine after the death of both their parents from cholera. Margaret married my great-grandfather Michael Burns in December 1873 in Chicago after the death of her first husband, Cornelius Cagney. Margaret and Cornelius Cagney had at least seven children:

James Edward Cagney

James Edward Cagney.

Margaret outlived all of these children except for James, who died just a few weeks after his mother. Margaret Cowhey Cagney Burns died on March 10, 1906 in Chicago.

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