Canadian Ogopogo Stamp

Ogopogo Stamps

While the most famous lake monster is Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, there have been sightings of similar creatures in other lakes throughout the world. Ogopogo is a lake monster purported to inhabit Lake Okanagan in Canada. Native Americans referred to this creature as the "snake in the lake" or "devil of the lake" (N'ha-a-itk) and believed it lived on Rattlesnake Island in the lake. Petroglyphs in area portray a serpentine creature which may be depictions of Ogopogo.

See the Lake Monsters section of my cryptozoology links page for more sites offering information about Ogopogo.

Selected Ogopogo Stamps
Canada Ogopogo Stamp

Scott # 1292
Issued 1990

This Ogopogo stamp is one of a set of four stamps commemorating legendary Canadian animals. The others are Bigfoot, the Kraken, and the loup garou (werewolf). The cachet engraving on the legendary animals first day cover depicts a kraken. An engraving on the reverse of the first day cover illustrates a New Brunswick lake monster sighted in 1872.

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