New Zealand Moa Souvenir Sheet

Moa Stamps

New Zealand is host to several varieties of flightless birds including the Kiwi and Kokako. The largest flightless bird in New Zealand was the Giant Moa (scientific name Dinornis maximus and Dinornis giganteus), which stood as much as two meters (six and a half feet) at the shoulder. The average Moa was about the size of the Australian emu. Some Moa species were as small as a turkey. Altogether eleven species of Moa are known from the fossil record.

Moas are classified as ratites. Living ratites include the Ostrich of Africa, the Emu of Australia, the Rhea of South America, the Cassowary of Australia and New Guinea, and the Kiwi of New Zealand. Another extinct ratite was the giant Vorompatra or "elephant bird" Aepyornis maximus of Madagascar.

All Moa species appear to have died out no later than about one thousand years ago. They were probably hunted to extinction. Occasional sightings in the nineteenth and early twentieth century suggest that a few Moas may have lingered, but it is most likely that Moas are now extinct.

See the Birds section of my cryptozoology links page for more sites offering information about the Moa.

Selected Moa Stamps
Afghanistan Moa Stamp

Scott # 1285
Issued 1988

This stamp is part of a seven stamp series depicting prehistoric animals. Others are Mesosaurus, Styracosaurus, Uintatherium, Protoceratops, Stegosaurus, and Ceratosaurus.

Cuba Moa Stamp

Scott # 1917
Issued 1974

This moa stamp is part of a five stamp set showing extinct birds. The other birds are the dodo, the Ara de Cuba (a parrot), the passenger pigeon, and the Great Auk.

Laos Moa Stamp

Scott # 1159
Issued 1994

This moa stamp is part of a five stamp set showing extinct birds. The other birds are the dodo (dronte), Hesperornis, Archaeopteryx, and Phororhacus.

Madagascar Moa Stamp

Scott # 1174
Issued 1975

This moa stamp is part of a seven stamp set about prehistoric animals. The other stamps in the set display the Ceratosaurus, Mosasaurus, Protoceratops, Styracosaurus, Smilodon, and Uintatherium.

Micronesia Moa Souvenir Sheet

Scott # 348
Issued 1999

This souvenir sheet was issued to commemorate Earth Day 1999.

Mountain Badakhstan Moa Stamp
Mountain Badakhstan

Scott # 6

This stamp depicts men hunting a giant moa with a boomerang. Part of a set of four stamps depicting prehistoric men.

New Zealand Moa Souvenir Sheet
New Zealand

Scott # 1398a
Issued 1996

This Moa sheet is part of a six stamp set about extinct birds. The others are the Adzebill, Laughing Owl, Piopio, Hala, and Giant Eagle.

St. Vincent and Grenadines Moa Stamp
St. Vincent and Grenadines

Scott # 2773
Issued 1999

The Moa appears as one panel on a souvenir sheet of twelve depicting prehistoric animals of the world.

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