Tryphena Tillotson Freese

Tryphena Tillotson and Bill Williams Freese, Jr.

Tryphena Tillotson was the daughter of Daniel Tillotson and Olive Turner, and the half-sister of my great-great-grandfather Franklin James Tillotson. Tryphena was born May 19, 1832 in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio. She married Bill Williams Freese, Jr. on May 22, 1848. He was the son of Bill Williams Freese and Sally Beaumont. Bill Williams Freese Sr. was an early settler in Medina County, arriving in 1817. His brothers Abram and John also moved to Medina County about that time. Their parents were John Freese and Desire Williams of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Together with his brothers Abram Freese and John Freese, Bill Williams Freese Sr. surveyed Medina County shortly before or after the War of 1812. This Freese family was of Dutch descent and among the first to settle Lunenburgh (later Athens), New York before moving to Berkshire County, Massachusetts. See my page about the Freese Family of Medina County, Ohio for more information.

Tryphena was a Free Will Baptist.

Bill Williams Freese, Jr.

Bill Williams Freese, Jr., husband of Tryphena Tillotson Freese.

Tryphena Tillotson and Bill Williams Freese, Jr. had five children:

Tryphena died in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio on January 4, 1896. Bill Williams Freese, Jr. died in Brunswick on April 20, 1899. He is buried in Westview Cemetery in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio.

Obituary for Tryphena Tillotson

Tryphena Tillotson was born in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio on May 19, 1832; was married to Bill Williams Freese Jr., May 22, 1848; moved to Olmstead, April 11, 1849 where she began housekeeping. The spinning wheel was an important part of her housekeeping outfit, which she used in making yarn for knitting, and for cloth worn by all her family.

In October, 1850, she with her family returned to Brunswick where they settled on a farm one mile from her birthplace where she lived to the day of her death, a little over 45 years. She made public profession of faith in Christ by being baptized and uniting with the Free Will Baptist Church in Liverpool (now Beebetown) in 1866.

One sister, Mrs. Emeline Bennett of York, and two brothers, Franklin Tillotson of Crete, Ill. and D. F. Tillotson of Brunswick, survive her. She was the mother of five children, three sons and two daughters, all of whom are living. The aged husband is left in a lonely home, desolate because its light and joy has been taken away. The vacant chair can never be filled. Her last sickness was full of suffering, but she endured it patiently without a murmur. When asked about her hope beyond this life, she said she "could see the bright and shining shore." She died at 8 o'clock a.m., January 4, 1896, aged 63 years, 7 months and 15 days. The funeral was January 6, services conducted by Rev. F. W. Poole, pastor of the M.E. church. The sermon was preached from the text found in the 35th psalm, and the last clause of the 14th verse.

"Beckoning hands at the gateway tonight; A dear face shining with radiant light; Eyes looking down from yon heavenly home; Peaceful hands, they are beckoning, 'come'".

Obituary for Tryphena Tillotson and photo of Bill Williams Freese, Jr. from E. Ward Tillotson's manuscript The Tillotson Family in America.

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