Tillotson coat-of-arms

Tillotson Heraldry

One of the Tilston/Tilloton coat-of-arms appears above. I do not know exactly which family members were authorized to use this particular coat-of-arms. However, it was apparently assigned to a Tilston in 1580 by the College of Heralds. Other Tilstons and Tillotsons appear to have been assigned similar coats-of-arms. A description of this coat-of-arms appears as follows in various books on heraldry:

Azure, a bend cotized between two garbs argent.

Here is what these heraldric terms mean.

The Tillotson family mottos which appear in the coat-of-arms mean:

Another Tillotson family motto which appears on a coat-of-arms at Wookliff Chapel, Carleton Parish, Yorkshire is:

which may have reference to Thomas Tilston's changing his name to Tillotson when he moved to an area of Yorkshire where Tillotson was already a common name.

The crest which appears at the top of the coat-of-arms above is described as:

Out of a mural crown a greyhound's head all proper.

The mural crown is said to have been given to the one who first mounted the wall of a besieged city or town and planted the standard of the besieging army thereon. The greyhound signifies swiftness in pursuit. The mural crown is also an emblem of honorable and distinguished service in municipal government. Crests for some Tilstons and Tillotsons substitute a bear's head or boar's head for the greyhound's head.

All proper means natural color.

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