Sexton Family Farm in Elsie, Michigan

Sexton family log cabin

Sexton Family Log Cabin.

Sketch by William Henry Sexton from his book Truth and Near Truth.

Sexton family farm, photo #1

Sexton Farm Around 1900.

Sexton family farm, photo #2

Sexton Farm Around 1900.

The Sexton farm was situated on Meridian Road about one mile east of Elsie. (See the map of Duplain for its location.) It was carved out of virgin wilderness starting in 1850 by the family of Henry Youmans Sexton, father of Jane Ann Sexton Tillotson, my great-great-grandmother. Also see Obituaries of Tillotsons and Sextons from Elsie, Michigan for more about the Sexton family in Elsie.

The Sexton farm no longer exists. Today all that remains are a few ruins in the midst of a group of trees.

Remains of Sexton Farm in 1998

Remains of Sexton farm in 1998.

Elizabeth Hess of the Elsie Historical Society provided the historical photos of the Sexton farm. Wayne Caswell provided the photo of the former location of the Sexton farm as it looks today as well as the scanned image of William Henry Sexton's drawing.

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