A Tillotson Coat-of-arms

Seth Tillotson and Mary Matilda Curtis

Seth Tillotson was the son of Samuel Tillotson and Sarah Partridge. Seth was born in Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts on March 29, 1806. He married Mary Matilda Curtis on November 24, 1830. Mary was born in Stockbridge, Brunswick County, Ohio on November 24, 1808.

Mary Matilda Curtis Tillotson

Mary Matilda Curtis Tillotson.

Seth and Mary had four children, all born in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio.

Seth and Mary moved from Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio to a farm in Union Grove, Wisconsin during the 1850s. By this time their oldest son Samuel was already married and had two children. In 1859 Seth swapped his farm for another located in Pikeville, Kenosha County, Wisconsin at the northwest corner of US-45 and State Line Road. Seth ran the local post office out of his home for over a decade. Five generations of Tillotsons lived in the Pikeville farm home.

Seth Tillotson died in Pikeville, Kenosha County, Wisconsin on March 29, 1865. He is buried in Hosmer cemetery in Bristol, Kenosha County, Wisconsin. Mary Matilda Curtis Tillotson died May 2, 1899.

My thanks to Mark Utley for the photo of Mary Matilda Curtis Tillotson.

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