A Tillotson Coat-of-arms

Sarah Tillotson and Cortis Stevens

Sarah Tillotson was the daughter of Samuel Tillotson and Sarah Partridge, and the sister of my great-great-great-grandfather Daniel Tillotson. Sarah was born in Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts on March 23, 1800. Everyone called Sarah "Sally."

At the young age of seventeen Sarah became the first teacher in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio. A log cabin located on the west line of the township served as the school building. The location allowed convenient access for students from both Brunswick and Liverpool townships. Sarah had sixteen pupils in her first class.

Sarah married Cortis Stevens on June 1, 1820. Cortis was born to William Pitt Stevens and Clarissa Stevens on August 24, 1796 in Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. The Stevens family, like the Tillotsons, were pioneers in Brunswick. Cortis's first name appears in a variety of spellings: Cortis, Cortez, Cortiss, and Curtis. All are varieties of Curtis, and probably "Cortis" represents the way the name was pronounced at that time.

Sarah and Cortis had four children.

Sarah Tillotson died May 25, 1831. With four young children needing a mother, Cortis Stevens married Sarah Chadwick on April 15, 1832 in Medina County, Ohio. Cortis and Sarah had at least one child:

Cortis and one of his wives -- presumably his second -- had another daughter, Matilda Stevens. She may be the Lydia M. Stevens named as needing guardianship during the settling of Cortis's estate. Matilda died after a week-long illness on August 4, 1904 at the Texas home of her nephew Frank C. Stevens. Emma Morton Tillotson wrote of Matilda:

Her life was a busy and useful life. Many of us well remember the handsome bonnets and hats she made, and some of us were her pupils in the school-room, she was an excellent instructor of the young, and was engaged in that work for many years.

Cortis Stevens did not long survive his first wife and did not get to see his children grow up. He died on March 5, 1835 in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio at the young age of 38. Cortis and both his wives are buried in Westview Cemetery in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio.

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