Tillotson Family Farm in Brunswick, Ohio

Samuel Tillotson purchased the land for his farm in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio from the State of Connecticut. At that time the District of Ohio was considered an extension of Connecticut. Samuel passed the farm to his son Daniel Tillotson, who in turn passed it on to his son Darius Francis Tillotson, who finally passed it on to his son Grant Eugene Tillotson. Grant had no children. He sold the farm to Elmer and Clara Eyssen in 1927. The Eyssen family still owns the land. The former Tillotson farm is now the site of Mapleside Farms, a restaurant and gift shop complex. Grant, speaking of the Tillotson farm, noted that "We had one of the most sightly places in Brunswick, being atop of a hill, and affording a distant view to the west and north."

Samuel Tillotson's farm home in Brunswick

Samuel and Sarah Tillotson's farm home in Brunswick, Ohio.

The farm house no longer exists. A small ice cream shop stands in its place.

Well on Tillotson property in Brunswick

Well on Tillotson farm property in Brunswick, Ohio.

The well is also gone. It used to be near the road and was frequently used by travelers.

View behind Mapleside Farms

View behind Mapleside Farms in 1998.

View behind Mapleside Farms

Another view behind Mapleside Farms in 1998.

These contemporary views from Mapleside Farms show how picturesque the Tillotson farm location remains even though the farm itself is gone.

Old photos of Tillotson farm and well courtesy Edwin W. Tillotson. Modern photos of Mapleside Farms courtesy Wayne L. Caswell.

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