Minerva Peat Sexton

Minerva Peat Sexton

Minerva Peat Sexton (1801-1874) was the step-mother of my great-great-grandmother Jane Ann Sexton Tillotson. Minerva was born on October 5, 1801 in Oxford, New Haven County, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Jehiel Peat Jr. and Lois Manville. You can find out more about Minerva's ancestry at Wayne Caswell's web page on The Sexton Family and Wayne's page on the Descendants of Benjamin Peat.

Minerva married Henry Youmans Sexton on October 21, 1831, probably in Wolcott or Oxford, New Haven County, Connecticut. Minerva died on October 30, 1874 in Elsie, Clinton County, Michigan. See my page on Henry Youmans Sexton for information about the children of Henry and Minerva.

Minerva Peat

Minerva Peat.

Tintype of Minerva Peat

Tintype of Minerva Peat.

Photos courtesy Wayne L. Caswell and William Tompkins.

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