Mary A. Stahler and Joseph A. Gross

Mary A. Stahler was a sister of my great-grandmother, Clara M. Stahler. Mary was born June 9, 1847 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her name also appears as Maria, but everyone in my family called her Mary.

Mary married Joseph August Gross. He was born in 1847 in Nassau, Prussia. Joseph worked as a cooper (maker of wooden barrels and tubs). He was also a fine violin player who according to family tradition played for royalty back in Europe before he emigrated to the United States. During the Civil War he fought for the Union.

Mary and Joseph had four children.

Joseph August Gross died December 19, 1889 of Bright's Disease. Mary Stahler Gross died August 19, 1919.

Dorothy Allen provided most of the information and several of the photos.

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