Marion Leonard Tillotson

Marion Leonard Tillotson and Eva Jane Bennett

Marion Leonard Tillotson (1860-1943) was the son of William Thomas Tillotson and Mary Elizabeth Wooll. Marion was born on September 23, 1860 in Elsie, Clinton County, Michigan. On January 14, 1886 he married Eva Jane Bennett (1866-1941), daughter of Albert C. Bennett and Caroline Maria Sexton.

Married: -On Thursday the 14 inst. At the residence of the bride's parents, Miss Eva Bennett, to Mr. Marion Tillotson. About 12 o'clock the relatives and invited guests were assembled in the parlor, ranged on three sides of the room about 38 in all. The officiating clergyman, the Rev. Mr. Nelson, taking his placed in front, near the center of the room. Miss Hattie Tillotson and Mr. G. E. Sexton the bridesmaid and groomsman, followed by the bridal couple, were then conducted into the room taking seats in front of the minister, who advanced and performed the usual marriage ceremony, and introduced them in their new relations to the company. After the usual greetings the guests were marshalled to the dining room, where a sumptuous feast, fit for a king or queen had been prepared. All showing their appreciation of the same by their cheerful countenances, as well as diligence in the business of the hour. A very pleasant time was enjoyed by all present. The older persons to have worn their most cheerful faces, while the bright sunshine of innocent youth with smiles mantoled (sic) the faces of the younger portion and nothing transpired to mar the enjoyment of the occasion. There were many presents bestowed upon the happy couple. As the sun was nearing the western horizon, the company began to disperse to their several homes, manifestly well pleased with the enjoyments of the day.

The SUN extends its best wishes for the lifelong happiness and prosperity of the happy couple, and acknowledges the receipt of a well filled basket containing a generous portion of delicacies from the wedding feast. We are also under obligations to Mr. H. H. Bennett, uncle of the bride, who delivered the same.

Marion Leonard Tillotson

Marion Leonard Tillotson.

Marion was a farmer by trade. He also delivered the mail on horseback from time to time.

Marion Tillotson harvesting

Marion Tillotson at harvest time.

Marion Tillotson's Thresher

Marion Tillotson's Thresher,
damaged in an accident.

Marion and Eva made their home in Elsie, Clinton County, Michigan.

Marion and Eva Tillotson's home

Marion and Eva Tillotson's home in Elsie, Michigan.

Marion and Eva's four children were all born in Elsie, Michigan:

Marion Tillotson and Eva Jane Bennett

Marion Tillotson and Eva Jane Bennett.

Standing: Fred Tillotson.
Middle, left: Marion Leonard Tillotson.
Middle, right: Eva Jane Bennett Tillotson.
Bottom: Marion holds Wayne Albert "Wynne" Tillotson, Eva holds Mabel Tillotson.

Eva and Marion Tillotson with two grandchildren

Eva and Marion Tillotson with two of their grandchildren.

The grandchildren are Lucille Ruth Tillotson, daughter of Fred Tillotson, and Jean Marie Tompkins, daughter of Mabel Tillotson and Ernest Tompkins. Lucille is the older girl standing between Eva and Marion. Jean is sitting on Marion's lap.

The local Elsie newspaper reported on Marion and Eva's tenth wedding anniversary as follows.

January 17, 1898, Wedding Anniversary

It was a very pleasant surprise that was given Mrs. and Mrs. Marion Tillotson last Tuesday, Jan. 14th, it being the 10th anniversary of their wedding.

So carefully had the gathering been planned by the friends, that the first intimation that Mr. and Mrs. Tillotson had of the pleasure plotted against them was when the company of 46 relatives and friends came in upon them. They soon saw that it was an embassy of peace that was waiting upon them, and they quickly surrendered themselves to the pleasure of the occasion. Most heartily did the three generations represented by the company enter into the enjoyment of the occasion. In memory, the older ones lived over again the good old times of the pioneer days of long ago. The sum of years represented by those present of 60 years and above, footed up to more than 800 years. Three were present above 70 years of age; one of these, Mr. Ford Bennett, was 79; five were above 65 years and four above 60 years of age.

Twenty persons were present on this occasion who were present 10 years ago at the wedding; four of the company present 10 years ago have passed onward.

Eva's aunt Ellen Eliza Sexton wrote a poem congratulating Eva and Marion on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

To Marion and Eva

Now five and twenty years have passed
Since you your lot together cast.
A home lot it must be
On which you jointly filed a claim
Its title deed bears but one name
A good deed -- warrentee.

Home Products, you have raised a youth
To a good height, a well known truth.
His length -- above six feet;
Not "fast" in habits, but his pace
When he is on a four mile race
Is pretty hard to beat.

And Mable -- bless her -- soon you'll own
A daughter quite a woman grown,
So swiftly glide the years.
Where once dark tresses graced your brow
The locks -- we note -- are silvered now
Times handwork there appears.

And now today we're gathered here,
With all good wishes -- and to cheer
You, o'er lifes' busy way.
We hope for many years to come,
You may enjoy your own good home,
Just as you do today.

May years pass calmly on -- till each
A good old age -- at last may reach
May no hard times arise
While you together sojourn here --
Then may each gain a "title clear"
"To mansions in the skies."

Elsie, Jan. 14, 1911.            E.E.S

Eva Jane Bennett Tillotson died July 24, 1941. Marion Tillotson died on February 7, 1943. Both are buried in the Riverside cemetery in Elsie, Michigan.

Photos courtesy Wayne L. Caswell, William Tompkins, William Kidder, Susan Linn, and Mary Porubsky.

Wedding notice for Mabel Rose Tillotson and Ernest Tompkins provided by Wayne L. Caswell. Wayne also provided the text of Ellen Sexton's silver anniversary poem for Marion and Eva.

I copied the wedding notice for Marion Tillotson and Eva Bennett and the report of their tenth wedding anniversary from a scrapbook in the Elsie Historical Society.

My thanks to Leonard C. Tillotson and William Tompkins for help in identifying some of the pictured individuals.

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