Katharina Julia Stahler and Mathias Theisen

Katharina Julia Stahler, the sister of my great-grandmother Clara M. Stahler Tillotson, was the daughter of Jacob Stahler and Catharine Turk. Katharina Julia was born May 22, 1845 in Friedhofen nerz, Nassau, Prussia. She immigrated to the United States with her parents in 1846.

Katharina Julia Stahler married Mathias Josef Theisen (pronounced "tie-sun") on February 16, 1863 in St. Michaels, Wisconsin. Father John Reindl performed the marriage ceremony. Johannes Beudel and Nicolaus Theusch acted as witnesses. Mathias was born in Strohn, Prussia on February 19, 1835. Mathias immigrated to the United States via the port of New York in June, 1854. He was naturalized on March 25, 1862 in Washington County, Wisconsin.

Katharina Stahler and Mathias Theisen had at least ten children.

There may have been one other child who died young.

Mathias was drafted into Civil War service on January 27, 1865. He was discharged on July 18, 1865. Mathias was a farmer.

In 1901 Mathias sold most of his property to his son Math J. Theisen. Mathias Josef Theisen died February 18, 1908. Katharina Julia Stahler Theisen died December 5, 1920 at the home of her son Math J. Theisen. Katharina is buried in St. Michaels Cemetery in St. Michaels, Wisconsin.

My thanks to Bob Theisen and Marie Roskopf Webber for information about Katharina Stahler Theisen.

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