A Tillotson Coat-of-arms

John Tillotson and Adeline Demontank Hitchcock

John Tillotson, son of Samuel Tillotson and Sarah Partridge, was born May 18, 1798 in Tyringham, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

John married Adeline Demontank Hitchcock (her first name also appears as Adaline) on January 8, 1828. Adeline was born to David Hitchcock and Ruth A. Kingsley on January 13, 1808 in New Marlborough, Massachusetts.

John and Adeline had nine children:

John received his education in the local district schools. He was a farmer by trade.

John and Adeline separated about 1846. Unfortunately John was a bit too fond of strong drink, and his bouts of alcohol-induced abuse of Adeline forced her to leave him. John moved to Dane County, Wisconsin, taking his three sons with him. Adeline took the daughters and moved to Bloomfield, Connecticut. After years spent living in Wisconsin and Kansas, Levi moved to Bloomfield to take care of his aged mother. Adeline died at Levi's home.

John Tillotson died October 18, 1873 in Crete, Will County, Illinois and is buried there. Adeline died February 21, 1894 (some sources say 1899) and is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Robert Ballam provided information about Jack and Elsie Ballam.

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