A Tillotson Coat-of-arms

John Seth Tillotson

John Seth Tillotson, son of John Tillotson and Adeline Demontank Hitchcock, was born September 25, 1833 in New Marlborough, Massachusetts. His middle name was "Seth" to my family, but it appears as Samuel (in a death notice) and Sanford in a letter about his war pension.

John married twice. He first married Helen M. Lovejoy in 1854 in Springfield, Wisconsin. They had eight children:

Helen M. Lovejoy died in 1878 in Wisconsin. John later married Nellie Crowley. John and Nellie had one daughter:

John S. Tillotson died June 10, 1903 in Mandan, North Dakota.

Jerry Lenz provided information about the descendants of John S. Tillotson and Nellie Crowley. Dave Waldron provided information about his family.

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