Jacob Stahler

My great-great-grandfather Jacob Stahler was born about 1807 in Nassau, Prussia.

There is considerable disagreement about how the last name Stahler was originally spelled. It appears as Stahler, Staller, Staeller, Steller, Staeler, Staler, and Staehler. Even the marriage certificate (80K) for my great-grandparents Clara Stahler and James Tillotson presents both "Staller" and "Steller" in different lines. At least one of Clara's sisters, Elizabeth Stahler Rossman, used Stahler, which is the spelling which appears in the birth certificates for Elizabeth's children. Clara's daughters, my grandmother and great aunt, also spelled the name Stahler. Older relatives remember the name pronounced both as "stay-ler" and "shtay-ler," presumably depending upon which German dialect the speaker used. The name appears as Staehler on my grandmother's delayed certificate of birth. The original form appears to have been Stähler. Some descendants of Jacob and Catherine still use the Staehler spelling.

Jacob Stahler married Anna Maria Rill about 1830. She was the daughter of Johann and Apollonia Rill. Jacob and Anna had at least three children.

Anna Maria Rill Stahler died between 1839 and 1845. It is possible she died while giving birth to her son Jacob. Jacob Sr. then married Catherine Turk who was born about 1817. Jacob, Catherine, and their children emigrated to the United States, arriving in New York City on December 23, 1846 aboard the ship Archimedes.

Catherine's name is also spelled several different ways in different documents. Clara's daughters, my grandmother Eva Jane Tillotson and her sister Jennie May Tillotson, spelled their parents' names as Jacob Stahler and Catherine Turk. For convenience, those are the spellings I use below. The original spelling of Catherine's name was probably Katharina.

Jacob and Catherine had the following children. All of these names appear in multiple spellings.

Stahler family Portrait

Stahler family portrait.
Standing left: Elizabeth Stahler Rossman.
Standing right: Clara M. Stahler Tillotson.
Seated left: Mary Stahler Gross.
Seated middle: Probably one of the older sisters, Catherine or Margaret.
Seated right: Katharina Julia Stahler Theisen.

Catherine died in childbirth on September 13, 1857. She was buried September 15, 1857 in Little Kohler within Fredonia, Wisconsin. Jacob Stahler Sr. died in 1865 and is buried with Catherine.

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