Elsie Amelia Tillotson and David Henry Barber

Elsie Amelia Tillotson and David Henry Barber

Elsie Amelia Tillotson was born July 10, 1853 in Duplain, Clinton County, Michigan. Elsie was the daughter of Franklin James Tillotson and Jane Ann Sexton, and the sister of my great-grandfather James Francis Tillotson. The town of Elsie, Clinton County, Michigan was named after her; Elsie was the first white child born there. See Lloyd Craven's Early History of Elsie, Michigan and Sara Show's Early History of Elsie, Michigan for more information.

Elsie married David Henry Barber, son of Nelson Barber and Phebe House (her name also appears as Pheba, Phoebe, and Phoeba), on December 25, 1872. David was born October 2, 1840.

The ancestry of Nelson Barber is unknown. His parents were born in Vermont. The ancestry of Phebe House is also unknown. The census records say she was born in New York, but her obituary below says she was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her name is spelled Phebe in her obituary.

Mr. Nelson Barber died at his late residence in Riley Township, on Thursday, Nov 18, 1886 aged 74 years, 10 months, and 6 days. Malaria fever was the cause of his death. His native state was New York, but he moved to Ohio about fifty years ago and has been a resident of this state ever since. He was the father of twelve children, all living at this date. One of the boys is now lying very ill with typhoid fever at the home residence. The widow of the deceased is also very feeble. Those two were unable to attend the funeral which took place at the South Riley U.B. Church on Sunday, Nov 21st at ten o'clock a.m. Rev G.W Hagans officiating.

Phebe Barber died at her residence in Riley township, April 22,'88, aged 70 years, 3 months and 14 days. She was born in Lancaster, Pa., and came to Sandusky county, O., with her parents in an early day, and has lived in this county ever since. Her husband, Nelson Barber, to whom she was wedded June 23, '38, died in November, '86. She lived to see her eleven sons and one daughter grow to manhood and womanhood. Nine of the sons were present at her funeral, which took place at South Riley church Tuesday, April 24th, at 2 p.m., Rev. G. W. Hagans officiating. Mrs. Barber was a good mother and a devoted christian. May God bless these who mourn her absence.

Elsie and David had the following children:

David served in the Civil War. He originally enlisted on August 16, 1861 as a Private. On August 26, 1861 he mustered into Company F of the 49th Infantry of the Ohio Volunteers. David was taken as a prisoner of war on December 31, 1862 at Stones River, Tennessee. He was paroled and returned to action on May 6, 1863. David was wounded November 25, 1863 at Missionary Ridge, Tennessee. He was promoted to Corporal on December 14, 1864, but later reduced to the rank of Private on July 11, 1865. David was discharged November 24, 1865. He was mustered out on November 30, 1865.

From the year after his marriage until 1890, David was employed as an engineer in a stove factory in Sandusky, Ohio.

After leaving Elsie, Clinton County, Michigan, Elsie did not return to the town named for her for about thirty seven years. She was invited to return to Elsie for the observance of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the town of Elsie. Her return visit merited the following mention in the local Elsie, Michigan newpaper:

Mrs. Elsie Barber, of Scotch Ridge, Ohio is visiting in Elsie. The lady lived in a log house that stood near where the Free Methodist Church now stands, in her childhood. Her father Franklin Tillotson, was a cousin of Wm. Tillotson, deceased. It is about 37 years since she has looked upon the spot where her old house stood.

David and Elsie Barber

David and Elsie Barber.

Elsie Amelia Tillotson Barber died April 28, 1918 in Bowling Green, Wood County, Ohio of a cerebral hemorrhage, according to her death certificate. See Elsie's death notice. David died May 5, 1919 in Bowling Green, Wood County, Ohio from rectal cancer.

Photo of Elsie Amelia Tillotson and David Henry Barber courtesy Susan Linn. Photo of Harry Barber seated courtesy Teena Hale. Teena Hale provided the information about the children of Betty Barber and the photos of Dale, Geneva, and Joyce Barber as well as the photo of David and Elsie in old age.

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