Days Of Our Lives

"Days of Our Lives" ("Days" or "DOOL") was my mother's favorite soap opera. I started watching it with her back when it first aired -- in 1965, I believe. I've remained a reasonably loyal viewer ever since. In years past, "Days" was a quality drama series with interesting characters and plots. One of my favorites was Julie Horton as portrayed by Susan Seaforth Hayes. I've had a major crush on her ever since I first saw her on "Days." I regret that she and husband Bill Hayes are no longer regular cast members. They were magic together on-screen. Their rare appearances in thr 1990s -- usually during the Christmas season -- brought class and charm to a program that has lost almost all of both. I'm happy that they've been around a lot more recently.

I stopped watching Days around 2000 because the storylines were beyond stupid. I started watching again in the Summer of 2007. The current teen storylines are stupid as they have been for years, but it's nice to see the Dimeras back in strength.

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Last modified by pib on October 8, 2007.