A Tillotson Coat-of-arms

Daniel Tillotson and Tryphena Hulet

Samuel Tillotson's son Daniel Tillotson was born on March 25, 1796 in Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Daniel served as a Minute Man in the War of 1812. He later became a captain of the militia in Ohio. He was known as "Captain Dan."

Daniel was nineteen years old when his parents moved the family to Ohio. In the early years the Indians were friendly and game was plentiful. One time Daniel killed a bear with a flail. A flail is normally used to thresh wheat by hitting the grain to loosen the chaff from the wheat kernal. How Daniel killed a bear with it remains a mystery. Daniel also killed a doe and her fawn with one bullet while shooting from his barn door.

Daniel was a farmer who had attended the district schools. He was a Democrat. Daniel owned the farm which he had purchased from his father, Samuel, in 1822. The farm was located on what is now Pearl Road (Route 42). Grant Eugene Tillotson, grandson of Daniel, reported that his grandfather's farm supported both a tannery and a distillery. Grant, a prohibitionist, was not pleased to learn of the previous existence of a distillery on his farm. Grant did like the land, however, and noted, "We had one of the most sightly places in Brunswick, being atop of a hill, and affording a distant view to the west and north."

Daniel married Tryphena Hulet in Portage County, Ohio on November 23, 1820. Tryphena was the daughter of Sylvanus Hulet and his wife Mary. Tryphena was born in 1797 in Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

Sylvanus Hulet's ancestry seems well established. He was born in Killingly, Wyndham County, Connecticut, the son of John Hulet and Sarah Searles.

Mary is a mystery. Her last name is traditionally given as Lewis. There are no official records which support this. Mary was born about 1763 based upon the date listed in Sylvanus's application for a Revolutionary War pension. The origin of Mary's commonly cited birth date of April 3, 1763 in Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts is unknown. The names of Mary's parents are also unknown. Some have suggested she was the daughter of Jonathan Lewis and Persis Crosby. That seems unlikely since their daughter Mary Lewis married Elijah Noyes. Others have suggested Mary Lewis was the daughter of Francis Lewis and Tryphena or Jane, a woman of Mohawk or Mohican ancestry. There is no proof of this either, but it is a commonly held belief among some descendants of Mary. There does not appear to be an extant marriage record for Sylvanus and Mary. There are town records in Lee listing the births of several of their children. Sylvanus died November 10, 1824 and is buried in Abbott Cemetery, Portage County, Ohio. When and where Mary Hulet died is unknown.

Daniel and Tryphena had three children:

Tryphena died on April 6, 1829 after just a few years of marriage to Daniel. Daniel later married three sisters of the same family in turn: first Harriet Turner on December 2, 1829; then Olive Turner on March 6, 1831, and finally the widow Sally Turner Hulet on January 18, 1862. Daniel produced no children with Harriet or Sally. Daniel and Olive produced two children:

Daniel Tillotson died in Brunswick, Ohio on June 3, 1863. He is buried in Westview Cemetery in Brunswick.

My thanks to William Kidder for providing some of this information.

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