Tillotson cemetery plot in Crete, Illinois

Tillotson cemetery records from Crete, Will County, Illinois

These cemetery stone readings were provided by James R. Adams and Winston Demuth. Mr. Demuth read the stones. My thanks to them for providing me with this information. I have regularized the dates. Some of the stones were not readable when Mr. Demuth read them in 1998. They have been cleaned since and are generally legible now, as can be seen from the photos taken by Chuck King in August 2008. You may click on most of the names in the tables to see Chuck King's photo of that person's grave. My thanks to him for providing the photos.

Also see the Tillotson and Sexton cemetery records from Elsie, Michigan. The above picture of the Tillotson graves in Crete (Lot 41) was taken by my grand aunt Jennie May Tillotson Vandenberg around 1910. In 2008 Chuck King shot a corresponding photo which appears below.

Tillotson graves in Crete

Tillotson graves on lot 41 in Crete Cemetery.

Tillotsons buried in Crete Cemetery, Exchange Street and Vincennes Avenue.

Lot 41: Original Cemetery, along Vincennes Avenue south of Safford.
Name Birth Death Note
Franklin Tillotson April 3, 1824 August 7, 1900  
Jane A. Tillotson March 1, 1828 April 14, 1904 Wife of F. Tillotson
James F. Tillotson August 29, 1851 June 10, 1893  
Milo Tillotson February 24, 1892 May 24, 1893  
Mae Tillotson August 15, 1885 April 12, 1886  


Lot 57: First addition (second lot south of Lot 41)
Name Birth Death Note
Se__tle, _____ _____ November 12, 186_ aged 35 yr _____
Catherine Jane Tillotson 1829 1921  
Lorenzo W. Tillotson August 25, 1827 May 17, 1905  


Lot 34: Second addition (directly east of Cinnamon Lot 33 in southeast part of cemetery)
Name Birth Death
Myron J. Tillotson 1854 1948
Minnie C. Tillotson 1860 1940
Gertrude Tillotson 1857 1928
Hiram A. Tillotson November 28, 1889 May 24, 1906
Frank B. Daugherty 1888 April 10, 1965
May Tillotson Oliver 1872 1945
A.D. Tillotson 1864 1923


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