Christina Stahler and Matthias Schladweiler

Christina Stahler was born February 15, 1854 in Fredonia, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. She was the daughter of Jacob Stahler and Catharine Turk.

Because Christina was born prematurely, and not expected to live, she was baptized immediately after birth by the midwife Maria Strauss. A supplemental baptismal ceremony was held a week later on February 23 at Mater Dolorosa Church in Fredonia.

On July 4, 1876 Christina Stahler married Mathias Schladweiler who was born February 5, 1855 in Strohn, Rheinland, Germany to Mathias Schladweiler and Genovefa Willems. Christina and Mathias had three children.

Christina Stahler Schladweiler died November 20, 1882 in Auburn, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin.

Mathias later married Margaretha Meeth, who was born in Kewaskum, Washington County, Wisconsin to Johann Joseph Meeth and Katharina Uelmen. Mathias and Margaretha had an additional fourteen children.

Mathias died January 23, 1927 at his home in Kewaskum, Washington County, Wisconsin. Margaretha died at home on August 20, 1927 in Kewaskum.

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