Selected 1880 U. S. Census Information for Pib's family

These extracts come from the United States Census of 1880.

Charles Sexton
Duplain, Clinton County, Michigan.
Page 12.
Dwelling 117, family 120.
Name Color Sex Age prior to
June 1st
to head
of house
Occupation Place of birth Place of birth
of father
Place of birth
of mother
Sexton Charles w m 50   farmer CT NY CT
Nancy M. w f 47 wife keep h NY NY NY
Harry L. w m 17 son f labor MI CT NY
Melvin M. w m 16 son f labor MI CT NY
George E. w m 13 son at sch MI CT NY
Ernest w m 2 son   MI CT NY
Ellen w f 36 sis. h work OH NY CT

Image of printed transcript of original census page.


My thanks to Wayne L. Caswell for providing the census transcript for Charles Sexton.

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