The Existence of Prehistoric Lunar Calendars

The following comes from an exchange on between myself (Phil "Pib" Burns) and Ev Cochrane. Mr. Cochrane, an editor of Aeon, is a leading proponent of the Saturnist hypothesis. The Saturnists believe Saturn was once Earth's primary (during the Holocene) and that Venus, Mars, and Jupiter also orbited Saturn. Mythology then reflects various stages in the disruption of this Saturnian system. I do not agree with the Saturnist viewpoint. If you are interested in finding out more about it, please see the Kronia or Aeon sites.

The existence of prehistoric lunar calendars exhibiting a period matching the moon's current cycles would contradict the Saturnist claim that the Earth was a satellite of Saturn. Alexander Marshack has suggested that such prehistoric calendars exist.

In message 25 Oct 1994 06:40:41 GMT,
  Ev Cochrane writes:

> As for the possibility that ancient bones preserve a lunar calender,
> I would deny that any such calender exists.  Prove me wrong.  If you
> can, there will be hundreds of archaeoastronomers out there who will
> nominate you for a Nobel-prize as this would be quite a finding, if
> true.
> Ev Cochrane

Alexander Marshack's _The Roots of Civilization_ provides evidence that
humans in the upper paleolithic recorded lunar cycles on bones.  Some of
the purported "calendar sticks" Marshack considers date as far back as
27,000 BC.

Such lunar calendars have been produced by many cultures.  Some cultures
marked the cycles on bone (similar to the paleolithic examples Marshack
documented); others knotted strings; yet others notched trees.  Some
cultures still create calendar sticks (e.g., Australian Aborigines).

Not everyone accepts Marshack's idea that the Paleolithic carvings
represent calendar sticks.  However, it appears to me that more scholars
are favorably inclined to Marshack's view now than when he first published
his ideas.

Should these Paleolithic carvings indeed prove to be lunar calendar sticks,
they provides strong evidence against the polar configuration since the
lunar cycles on the sticks match current lunar cycles.  That should not be
the case if the polar configuration still existed in the Holocene.

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