Carrie Belle Tillotson and Byron Edwin Adams

Carrie Belle Tillotson and Byron Edwin Adams

Carrie Belle Tillotson (1867-1942?) was born on August 18, 1867 in Crete, Will County, Illinois. Carrie was the youngest child of my great-great-grandparents Franklin James Tillotson and Jane Ann Sexton.

Carrie Belle Tillotson at age 3

Carrie Belle Tillotson at age 3.

Carrie Belle Tillotson at age 14

Carrie Belle Tillotson at age 14.

Carrie Belle Tillotson

Carrie Belle Tillotson in old age.

Carrie married Byron Edwin Adams on March 2, 1886 in Crete, Will County, Illinois. Byron was born on May 16, 1858 in Crete. He was the son of William Charles Adams and Mary Relief Wilder. Mary Relief Wilder was the daughter of Almon Wilder and Anna Corey.

Mary Relief Wilder

Mary Relief Wilder

Almon Wilder

Almon Wilder.

The following biography of Almon Wilder appeared in 1878.

Almon Wilder, farmer; P. O. Crete; the subject of this sketch is one of the old settlers in this vicinity; was born in Onondaga Co., N. Y., May 21, 1806, and is the son of Rubin Wilder, a farmer, who was an officer in the war of 1812; when Mr. Wilder was about 4 years of age, he went to live with his grandfather; when he was 6 years old, with his grandfather, moved to Ohio; here he remained until 1837; while there, he learned the shoemaker's trade, and followed this business six or seven years. He was married in Ohio to Miss Annie Corey. In 1837, he came to Illinois and settled in Cook Co.; here his wife died, about one year after they arrived; he was married the second time to Mrs. Louisa Taymond, of England. In 1841, he came to Will Co. and settled on his present homestead; here he has remained ever since. While here, he has held several public offices of trust; was Supervisor of Crete Twp. in 1851, 1852, 1853 and part of the term in 1855; held office as Assessor for seven-teen years, and Collector; these offices he held in a very creditable and efficient manner. Republican in politics. Two sons in the late war - Edwin A., enlisted in the 100th I. V. I., served full time and participated in some of the prominent battles during the war; George H., enlisted in the 8th I. V. C.; these gentlemen did good service, and were honorably discharged at the close of the war.

William Charles Adams was the son of Phineas Hazen Adams and Mary Clarke. Phineas Adams was the youngest son of Reuben Adams and Azubah Jones. Phineas was born December 17, 1803 in Rutland, Worcester County, Massachusetts. He married Mary Clarke of Eden, Lamoille County, Vermont in 1823. She died in 1846 but not until she and Phineas produced nine children including William Charles Adams.

Phineas Adams was a wheelwright by trade. He moved from Vermont to Illinois in 1845 via the Erie Canal and the Great Lakes to Chicago and then then to Crete, Will County, Illinois. He settled on a tract of government land and began farming. Phineas died on September 15, 1889.

Phineas Hazen Adams

Phineas Hazen Adams.

The following biography of Phineas Adams appeared appeared in 1878.

P. H. Adams, farmer; P. O. Crete; is one of the old settlers of Will Co.; was born in Rutland, Mass., Dec. 17, 1804, and is the son of Rubin Adams, of Massachusetts, a blacksmith by trade; when he was very young, with his parents, moved to Massachusetts, thence to New Hampshire, from there to Vermont. Mr. Adams, when he was about 23 years of age, learned the carriage-making trade. While he was in Vermont, he married Mary Clark, of Massachusetts; in 1845, with family, came to Illinois and settled on the present homestead; here he has lived ever since; he first settled on forty acres of Government land; his wife died soon after he settled here; he was married to Mary Canfield, of Massachusetts; sixteen children, ten by first wife and six by his second; son Harrison was in the late war; enlisted in the 8th IL Cav.; participated in some of the prominent battles; was honorably discharged at the close of the war.

Phineas Adams was a descendant of Henry Adams of Braintree, Massachusetts. The line from Henry Adams down to Byron Edwin Adams is as follows:

1 Henry Adams + Thomazin Sheffield or Edith Squire
. 2 Edward Adams + Lydia Rockwood or Lydia Penniman
.. 3 John Adams + Deborah Partridge
... 4 Obediah Adams + Christian Sanford
.... 5 Nathan Adams + Keziah Thompson
..... 6 Reuben Adams + Azubah Jones
...... 7 Phineas Hazen Adams + Mary Clarke
........8 William Charles Adams + Mary Relief Wilder
.........9 Byron Edwin Adams + Carrie Belle Tillotson

William Charles Adams

William Charles Adams.

Several hundred residents of Will County, Illinois left for California during the period of the Gold Rush in 1850. Among them was William Charles Adams, father of Byron Edwin Adams. William's companions included Austin Ellis Hewes, Benjamin Hewes, R. A. Mott, Asa Kyle, H. Haslett, David Orr, and A. P. K. Safford. Austin Hewes was the luckiest of the lot in finding gold. He returned to Crete in 1852 with about $3,000 which he used to buy a farm near that of his father. Unfortunately he died at the age of 35 of tuberculosis which he had contracted while travelling to California. A. P. K. Safford stayed out west and later became territorial governor of Arizona. Benjamin Hewes returned home and bought land. He joined his brother Daniel in the mercantile business. They owned a brick manufacturing business and the Hewes House Hotel.

William Charles Adams returned to Crete, but rather than travelling overland he took a ship down to Panama, crossed the isthmus (no canal in those days!) and took a ship to the east coast of the United States, and then travelled overland back to Crete. While wallking the isthmus, William found a discarded liquor bottle which he kept as a souvenir. One of his descendants still has that bottle. Adams purchased 141 acres of land in the northern part of Crete Township.

William's son Byron Edwin Adams was a farmer by trade, but better educated than most as he had attended a business college in Chicago. Politically he was a Republican.

Byron Edwin Adams

Byron Edwin Adams.

Carrie and Byron had the following children, all born in Crete, Will County, Illinois:

Adams family in Crete, Illinois

Adams family at home in Crete, Will County, Illinois.

Left to right:

The only child of Carrie and Byron missing is Belle Adams. She had already moved to California when this picture was taken.

Ruby, Byron, and Hattie Adams

Left to right: Ruby Adams, Byron Adams, Hattie Adams.

Cora, Ruby, and Hattie Adams

Left to right: Hattie Adams, Cora Adams, Ruby Adams.

Adams Family Car

Adams Family Car.

Left to right:

Adams Sisters on a Fence

Adams Sisters on a Fence.

Left to right:

Byron and Carrie Belle Adams

Byron and Carrie Belle Adams.

Byron and Carrie Belle Adams

Byron and Carrie Belle Adams.

Byron died on December 15, 1934 in Redwood City, San Mateo County, California. Carrie suffered a stroke in 1939. After that she resided with her daughter Ellen. Carrie died in April 1942.

My thanks to Susan Linn for most of the photos. Vicki Estes provided the photo of Phineas Hazen Adams. Susan Linn, James R. Adams, and Leo Osborn provided some of the biographical information. Karyn Webb provided the obituary for Ruby Adams Osborn, which was transcribed by Jolene Buttolph. The brief biographical extracts for Almon Wilder and Phineas Adams come from "History of Will County, Illinois" published by Wm. LeBaron, Jr., & Co. in 1878.

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