Almon D. Bennett

Almon D. Bennett

Almon D. Bennett, son of Oliver Roby Bennett and Betsey Ford, was born February 7, 1834. Like several of his brothers, he moved to Clinton County, Michigan.

Almon served in the Union Army during the Civil War. He was signed up at Ovid, Clinton County, Michigan on August 12, 1861 by Captain J. B. Park and Lieutenant Colonel Bachus. Almon was mustered in at Detroit on Aug. 21, 1861 in Company D of the First Michigan Cavalry. Almon was listed at 5' 8" in height with a light conplexion, blue eyes, and light hair. He enlisted for three years. Beginning in September 1861 through June 1862 he was listed as present as a wagoner with Company D. From June 30 to December 12, 1861 he was in Alexandria and Philadelphia hospitals with suspected heart problems and debilitas (general weakness or feebleness), and finally with typhoid fever. From December 1862 to August 1864 he served with Co. D except for one short period with the regimental quarter-master office in Alexandria. On May 1, 1863 he obtained a private horse for which he continually claimed he was never paid. On August 24, 1864 Almon was discharged at Washington, D.C. at the end of his term of service.

After the war Almon lived with his brother and sister-in-law Hiram and Eleanor M. Rockwell Bennett. Almon continued to experience periodic attacks of what Eleanor called rheumatism. The most severe attack occurred in 1867 in which Almon was confined to bed. Eleanor took care of him by applying hot water baths until he was better.

Almon was married twice. He first married Sarah L. Sirl on August 4, 1867. Sarah's last last name also appears as Searl and Searle. They moved to their own home about one half mile from Hiram and Eleanor's. At this time Almon was a farmer. Almon and Sarah had at least one child, apparently unnamed, who probably died at birth. That child died June 1, 1869. Sarah died on March 5 or 6, 1873. She is buried in Elsie, Clinton County, Michigan.

A year later Almon married Julia Artimica Warner of Duplain, Clinton County, Michigan on March 29, 1874 with E. B. Clark presiding. Julia was the daughter of the Reverend Lemuel Warner and Columbia Susanna Fuller. Almon and Julia had one son:

Almon died in Elsie, Clinton County, Michigan on January 25, 1884. On his final day Almon began experiencing severe pain in the region of the heart. His regular doctor had died four weeks before, so Dr. J. H. Travis was called. Dr. Travis spoke with Almon for about an hour, relieved the pain, and left. Almon stated he had been under the care of several physicians for the past few years, but they had not been able to help his condition. An hour or two later the pain recurred, and Almon died very suddenly. His death certificate lists the cause of death as neuralgia of the heart. Almon is buried in Elsie, Clinton County, Michigan.

Julia Warner Bennett never remarried. She continued to apply for pensions through the year 1900. The following people wrote affidavits in her pension requests: Eleanor Bennett, William Wooll, J.A. Warren, and Rosanna L. Wooll. Julia died July 4, 1925 at her son Dow Bennett's home in Los Angeles (see her death notice). She died of pulmonary tuberculosis. Julia's death certificate also lists senility as a cause. Dow claimed that at the time of her death that Julia had no assets, real estate, personal property, or insurance. He sought compensation for funeral and undertaker expenses.

Photos courtesy Paul Lowrey, Wayne L. Caswell, Leonard C. Tillotson, Mary Porubsky, and Thomas Tompkins. Thomas Tompkins provided some of the biographical information.

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